Day Care

Be Cool Wiz Interactive & Print Out Activities - 600+!

5 Tools in One:

* Supplement for class to practice reading, listening, and teamwork skills

* Supplement for English as a Second Language (ESL) to communicate about everyday experience

* Supplement for Special Needs or At-risk Learners to manage behavior and meet IEP goals

* Constructive Free Time Activity

* After School Program Supplement

Be Cool Wiz Interactive, Activity-Based Social Skills, Life Skills + Team Building Programs for K-2

Increase attendance and retention with Be Cool Wiz Supplements building Teamwork, Life Skills and Social Skills, in Language Curriculums, ESL Curriculums, At-Risk Student Lessons, After School Programs, Free Time Activities, and Parent Participation Programs.

Teaching "How to get along with people" in a fun, unconditional, uniquely memorable way.

Improve classroom management Help students manage their own behavior. Increase listening comprehension, good sportsmanship, collaboration, team work, interpersonal skills, confidence, attendance and retention.

Social Skills, Life Skills and Manners Supplement Program

Builds Teamwork, Collaboration, Conflict Prevention and Resolution, Active Listening Skills Interactive, Multi-Sensory (Sound, Animated Images, Interactive, Motion graphics, Humor) Wide range - 52 sets of about 7 activities / set (365+ activities total)

Versions: Daycare /Lab & Teacher

Give children an advantage in life with social skills, life skills and manners!

Let children learn in fun, playful, animated Be Cool Wiz Activities with music, sound effects, alternating male + female voices & humor!

All in a turn-key program! Access Interactive Activities with Print Outs and Prop Ideas to Act Out and Apply!

Unlimited Annual Licenses per school!

All ages and versions needed by school included!

English, Spanish, Bible, Standard available – for ages 4-7 year-olds!!

52 sets of about 7 interactive, mini sit-coms with optional endings!

* Includes not only please and thank you, but how to be assertive without being pushy & teamwork!

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Regularly 25 Lab Licenses per School per Year $500 now $250 for a limited time only!

Includes: Versions for all age levels as needed; Spanish and Bible versions as desired.

Teacher backend reporting area as appropriate. If only being used as activities and not lessons, no back end reporting area may be needed.

Spanish and English on request.

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Spanish, English Bible, Spanish Bible


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Spanish, English Bible, Spanish Bible