What People Are Saying

"Manners make a difference. As we teach our kids the basic wisdom of respecting one another, we give them tools to help them succeed in life. This creative book allows you to teach manners using a delightful game-type format. Perfect for parents, teachers or anyone who has the opportunity to work with young people; this book helps kids build positive relationships in every aspect of life."

Karol Ladd

Mother and Best-Selling Author of the Power of a Positive Mom

My kids love it, both my 7 daughters, and the kids I teach in after school programs. When kids in after school programs yell "More, more, more, more!" you know it's a good program! My littlest daughter, the 5 year-old, started making up her own questions and answers in the style of Be Cool Wiz: "Mommy, how do you make a pumpkin? Do you make a happy face, make a scary face, or throw it on the ground?! I recommend Be Cool Wiz to all parents, teachers and educators."

Maricela Alish,

Mother and After School Programs Leader

Often students do not know what to do in problem situations. “Be Cool” is a teaching tool, which presents problem situations in an interesting way. For each problem three answers are presented in a multisensory way with sound, images and interactivity. The participant chooses one answer. The participant learns what would be the best action that would result in a positive outcome. This teaching tool helps children learn about various actions. Then in their regular lives, when presented with similar situations they will have the knowledge of several actions that could be taken. I am excited about "Be Cool" because I believe it will help thousands if not millions of people to learn the best actions to take in problem situations.

Mary Alice Hurd, Ph.D.

Mother and Associate Professor of Psychology Emeritus Southern Methodist University Dallas, Texas

"Be Cool" shines as an instructional material. With unique supports for generalization and intrinsic motivation, the possibilities for customized use are exhaustive. Scenarios presented within the game structure are especially useful in targeting goals and objectives for youngsters with special social and pragmatic language needs, as well as for youngsters who are developing typically but still need instruction in acceptable ways to fit in and communicate with their peers. I know of no activity package on the market today that cuts across exceptional and typical developmental challenges with such versatility.

Bonnie Tepper, PhD, CCC-SLP

Mother and Owner, Talk to Me Speech and Language Services Clinical Supervisor in Speech and Language Pathology

As an educator, I have seen many children struggle with social interactions at different levels on a daily basis. “Be Cool” is a great reinforcement tool that helps guide students through their development as individuals with a simple system of goals and rewards. This tool helps non-struggling students as well! “Be Cool” is a beautifully designed tool that catches students attention immediately. It has cute and friendly characters that students can relate to. The constant repetition and exposure to the desired behaviors makes it easy for students to retain them. This is also a perfect opportunity to build stronger relationships with children, engaging in meaningful conversations about real-life topics and the outcomes of certain life choices.I recommend "Be Cool" and all of its components to schools, parents and guardians!

Nitzaliz Palermo,

Teacher, 6 years of experience in grades K-3M.A. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology