52 Topics

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1 Greet others

2 Use Please and Thank you

3 Be clean and healthy

4 Respect authority

5 Dress appropriately

6 Respect others’ property

7 Be still and quiet as appropriate

8 Body basics of eating

9 Make polite eye contact

10 Be safe (car, home, out, PC, phone)

11 Answer and use phone politely

12 Take a message properly

13 Be polite with time

14 Be a good sport

15 Respect privacy

16 Clean up after yourself

17 Speak without interrupting

18 Listen actively

19 Share good news politely

20 Share bad news politely

21 Compromise; take turns

22 Do your share (of chores)

23 Deal politely with discomfort

24 Take responsibility when ask for more

25 Accept difference of opinion gracefully

26 Say sorry, forgive and be honest

27 Speak kindly of others and help when can

28 Use utensils properly

29 Set or clear table properly

30 Sit at table properly

31 Gracefully start meal

32 Eat politely with key table manners

33 Pour and drink politely

34 Leave the table gracefully

35 Make polite table conversation

36 Ask for or help at table politely

37 Sit, stand and walk politely

38 Make introductions properly

39 Converse comfortably

40 Give and accept invitations gracefully

41 Handle rejection gracefully

42 Give and receive gifts politely

43 Use tact when don’t like something

44 Write politely (paper and computer)

45 Be polite when feel grumpy

46 Ask for and give help politely with humility

47 Give and receive criticism constructively

48 Manage restlessness politely

49 End circular talk politely

50 Manage negative feelings

51 Prevent or resolve conflict gracefully

52 Handle a bully confidently with least stir