Author and Editorial Advisor / Contributors

Jeannie Lewis
Jeannie Lewis, Author

Former Teacher and Founder of Protocol Laboratories LLC, Education and Training for Tomorrow. B.A. Psychology, Luther College, U of Regina, Alternative Teaching Certification, Special Education, Texas, J.D. University of Oklahoma, M.B.A. Claremont Colleges, Peter Drucker Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management; former ESL teacher for all levels in Japan, post secondary ESL education at the Claremont Colleges, and a private school in San Diego, CA.; worked with special needs students in elementary, middle and high school with the public school system in Regina, Sask., Canada, and ABLE special needs adults, and the Special Olympics in Norman, Oklahoma.

Loraine Starc-Horner
Loraine Starc-Horner, Editorial Advisor / Contributor

B.A., Education, Art, University of Akron, Akron, Ohio; teacher in California public school system for elementary school, including kindergarten, secondary school. Preschool, Father Joe’s Village for more than 15 years, San Diego, California, and former elementary school teacher. Loraine Starc-Horner began her career in education as a volunteer in Ohio, and continues to volunteer actively, along side her full time employment, for various children’s organizations and community efforts for children through out Southern California.

Konrad Johnson
Konrad Johnson, Editorial Advisor / Contributor

B.A. Political Science, M.Ed. Middle School and High School, Miami University; former Social Studies Teacher, Middle School and High School, Garland ISD and Carrollton Farmer’s Branch ISD. Certified Acquisition Contracting Professional Level II; former Instructor/Recruiter for the Government Careers Center in Dallas TX, taught how to pass Federal Civil Service exams, and obtain careers with government agencies. Served for 14 years as a Contract Specialist for Warner Robins ALC, at Robins AFB GA, working with domestic and foreign contractors for the Department of Defense and Defense Logistics Agencies. Mr. Johnson was also a Trainer/Consultant for the Georgia Literacy Coalition.

Dr. LeslieBeth
Dr. LeslieBeth (LB) Wish, Editorial Advisor / Contributor

Nationally recognized psychologist and licensed clinical social worker #7132, honored for her pioneering work with women’s issues in love, life, work and family. The National Association of Social Workers has named her as One of the Fifty who has contributed to the field. Her latest self-help, research-based books are Smart Relationships and The Love Adventures of Almost Smart Cookie, the cartoon companion book where you can follow a year of Cookie’s love missteps and learn about yours! Ed. D., University of Massachusetts, MSS, Bryn Mawr College, MA, Ohio University, BA, Carnegie-Mellon University, Georgetown University Medical School: The Family Center. Three years-post graduate training in marriage and family with the internationally esteemed Dr. Murray Bowen, Comparative Studies in Family, One Year Study Program, Moscow, Russia, Soviet Union.

Dr. Carolyn Garver
Dr. Carolyn Garver, Editorial Advisor / Contributor

Ph.D., has provided diagnostics, treatment and care for people with autism for the past 30 years serving as the Director of the Autism Treatment Center since 1979. Dr. Garver has developed an interest in research and is participating in a number of on-going projects currently focusing on robots 4 autism, PlayWisely, Neurofeedback, assistive technology devices for adults, and sensory issues in autism. Dr. Garver was an Adjunct Professor teaching Epidemiology at Texas Woman’s University. She has written several articles and served as a contributing editor for materials published regarding the autism spectrum.